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Acorn Listening Course

At least once in every person’s life there is a need to tell our story and know that we have been heard.”

We all hear but do we listen? Christian Listening is about listening to others, to ourselves and to God. Learning to listen well enables us to improve relationships, grow as people and deepen our spirituality. Listening is possibly the greatest gift you can give to another.

How do we do this?

We provide a safe place for someone to come as they are and tell their story.  This can be life-changing! Being taught how to listen is empowering and promotes healthy lives and relationships. Christian listening also opens us to the variety of ways that we can listen to God.

What will I gain from this?

Have you ever been desperate to share something which is on your heart, or troubling you, but whoever you’re telling just isn’t listening to you. How did it make you feel? What if that same person came alongside you, offered you space and security, was reflective and respected you for what you were giving them the privilege to hear? That’s what Christian Listening can teach you.

Christian Listening isn’t designed to sort people out, it’s designed to:

  • Help people to get out what’s locked in
  • Help people to move forward
  • Help them identify feelings
  • Affirm people by reflecting back in their own words

We will be holding the Acorn Listening Course, ‘Listening for Life’ here in the Five Alive Mission Community in May.  The four session course will be held at the Yarcombe Village Hall.  It will begin on

Tuesday 1st May 7-9.30pm – This will be a stand alone ‘taster’ session for those who want to see if this course is for them.  The course itself will start on

Tuesday 8th May 7-9.30pm

Monday 14th May 7-9.30pm

Tuesday 22nd May 7-9.30pm

Tuesday 29th May 7-9.30pm

This course will be open to anyone who is interested, with a small charge of £5 per session to cover Acorn’s expenses.  I can highly recommend this course having done it myself some years ago.  (This information has been taken from Acorn’s own material.)

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