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Don’t ignore injustice, says Archbishop Sentamu

The Archbishop of York has urged people not to ignore the problem of injustice and hunger around the world, but instead be part of the solution.Dr John Sentamu was writing in the Belfast Telegraph ahead of the G8 meeting in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, next week. The Archbishop will be preaching at a special service in Enniskillen on Sunday as part of the IF campaign to end global hunger.

With one in eight people still going to bed hungry each night, he said there was “much that needs to be done in the fight for fairness”. “There is enough food in the world for everyone to be fed, but at the moment not everyone has enough on their table to survive. Don’t ignore the problem, be part of the solution,” he said.

“There is enough food for all our hungers and not for our greed and hoarding. Empty your purses, store-houses and barns and feed the hungry: our brothers and sisters.”

The Archbishop said individuals had a moral responsibility to pray, campaign and work together to ensure political leaders uphold justice regardless of international boundaries.

Northern Ireland’s own experience of pain and injustice could help other parts of the world develop towards a more just future, he suggested.

“Over the years, with many others, I have prayed endlessly for a lasting peace in this country. It’s my prayer that Northern Ireland becomes better known for being a place where good decisions are made, where justice reigns, where people join together to build a future that is better than the past,” he said.

“As I prepare to speak at a service in Enniskillen this weekend focussing on global hunger, I know that your spirit of generosity and fair play, your experience of pain and injustice, and your desire for fairness and reconciliation can help others make the leap of faith that many of you have already taken.”

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