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Wed 11th June 2014
Colyford hall

Thurs 30th October
Offwell village hall

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June Synod


Honiton Deanery Synod will be meeting on Wednesday 13th June at Chardstock Primary School at 7.30 pm,

refreshment served from 7pm.  Our guest speaker will be Dr Tim Gibson, on Exploring Christianity.


All are most welcome to come along!

1 comment to June Synod

  • Dear Sarah
    What a rivetting talk! by Dr Tim???

    Sadly I havent been receiving any mail re Deanery Synod .
    My hotmail address has strangely been spirited away .
    I can’t open it.
    I would be grateful if you would re-send the agenda for the recent meeting
    together with the other bumff people received.
    I do apologise.

    Elizabeth Molony..

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