Axe Valley Filling Station


What is it??  It is a contemporary vehicle for bringing Christian renewal and evangelism to the UK.  In other words a chance for any of us to ‘top up’ with some amazing worship, talks, prayers, and a chance to meet other Christians across the area.  Not meant to be a rival to your Parish church, but to fill you up so you can go back out.

A friend and I went along on Friday, were greeted warmly and served coffee/tea and homemade cakes, then followed some fabulous band led worship, and a challenging talk from ‘Keith’

Their Biblical mandate is from Psalm 114:8  ‘Who turned the rock into a pool, the hard rock into springs of water’  They see the pools described as places of deep spiritual refreshment for the existing church, bringing water into the hard dry areas.

All meetings held in Axminster Guildhall, at 7.30 pm —  Friday 3rd April,  1st May,  5th June, 24th July, 21st August.

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