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New Deanery Websites

I have been helping Dunkeswell and Five Alive get their websites up and running. You can now see their local news on the right-hand sidebar!

Deanery Information

The information from the latest Deanery leaflet has now been added to the Deanery Website. You can also now email some deanery members from the Email tab in the menu.

New Deanery Logo

I’m not sure if we have a Deanery Logo so I took the liberty of creating one for the website. I’m not really a designer, more of a techie, but I think it’s better than nothing! (The green bit is the shape of the deanery and the blue bit is the sea).

. . . → Read More: New Deanery Logo

Deanery Map

Gavin has been working on creating an interactive Google Map of the Deanery. He sourced all the data from A Church Near You – and so some of it might need tweaking. For example, A Church Near You places Upottery Church in Ottery (I fixed this on our map)!

The map shows all the . . . → Read More: Deanery Map

New Deanery Website

Welcome to the new deanery website that is currently being developed. Pop herpes treatment back soon…!