• The Diocese is encouraging us all to become Fairtrade Churches with a view to becoming a Fairtrade Diocese.
  • To do this you will need to commit to three things:
  • We will use Fairtrade tea, coffee, sugar when we serve refreshments, after services and for all church events. (Churches that do not usually serve refreshments after their services are still eligible as long as you serve Fairtrade whenever refreshments are served.)
  • We will move forward on using Fairtrade biscuits and fruit as they become more available and look for local milk and produce from our Devon farmers whenever possible.
  • We will feature and explain Fairtrade principles throughout the year but particularly during Fairtrade Fortnight (annually in Feb/March).

If you can commit to these three simple steps – and many churches are already doing these – then please register as a Fairtrade Church with the Diocese and the Fairtrade Foundation.

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