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New Deanery Website

Welcome to the new deanery website that is currently being developed. Pop herpes treatment back soon…!

8 comments to New Deanery Website

  • sarah

    Wow this new website is fantastic!! Take a look everyone and lets add lots of exciting stuff!

  • phil

    Sarah and Gavin – looks cool!

  • admin

    Thanks Sarah and Phil.

    BTW: The way comments work is that the first time you comment, I get an email asking me to approve, spam or trash it – hence the delay with your comments appearing. Once I have approved one comment from you, further comments from you get automatically published without me having to moderate them. 🙂

    In due course, I will enable people to post news items directly to the site, and will organise a short workshop too.

  • Penny Driver

    Dear all, I think this is looking great! Could someone put the visitation date on? Thank you love and prayers Penny

  • Gavin

    Hi Penny. When is the visitation date? Thanks. Gavin

  • sue roberts

    Gavin this looks FANTASTIC. Thank you so much for allyour hard work!


  • We are envious! Congratulations on a model website. Can we liaise to learn from you?

  • admin

    Hi David. Thanks for the encouragement. I’d be happy to tell you how we set it up if you email webmaster via the contact form. Thanks. Gavin.