Lay members of the Deanery Synod are elected at annual church meetings every 3 years and hold office for 3 years beginning with 1 June next following their election. As members, they are ex-officio members of their own Parochial Church Council.

The numbers to be elected by parishes is decided by the Diocesan Synod by 31 December prior to elections and the numbers are related to the number on electoral rolls of parishes.  Small parishes with a roll fewer than 26 are allowed one member.

The total clergy and lay membership of Deanery Synods should be at least 50, and no more than 150.  The Diocesan Synod is required to make rules for Deanery Synods, covering such matters as the officers, which include clergy and lay joint chairmen, and a secretary; the minimum numbers of meetings to be held each year (3 in our case); rules for voting by Houses; Synod Committees; and reporting to PCCs.

Above these points the Deanery Synod is permitted to determine its own procedure. Deanery Synod Rules go to all members. Deanery Synod members provide the electoral college for membership of  the General Synod.

[Further details about the above are given in, Church Representation Rules as at Jan 2006]