For new members…

You have been elected or re-elected by your parish church to serve for the next three years on your Deanery Synod, and thus also for three years as a member of your PCC.  You are now a vital link between your local church and the wider family of your diocese, the national and international Church.  You should give meetings of your deanery synod and PCC priority so that you can represent your parish and report back on synod discussions and decisions, including those of Diocesan and General Synod.

You are a vital link between your local church and the wider family of your diocese, the national and international Church.

You have become an elector to decide next year who should be deanery representative on your diocesan synod, and in 2010 your diocese on the next General Synod.  In the next two years you will learn about issues on the agenda in that election.  This will include the proposed Anglican Covenant which is the relationship between the C of E and other denominations, referred to the diocese and deanery for approval.  It may also include legislation to enable women to be bishops in the C of E. Both these will require careful thought and prayer.

On your Deanery Synod your will notice the wide range of understandings within the Church of England; this is quite in order as the peace of God transcends human logic. (Phil 4:7).  For more information about Deanery Synod membership see

Things you CAN do…

  • If the PCC is concerned about a problem, table a motion by sending a copy to the Deanery Synod Secretary 28 days before the next meeting
  • Question the Synod Officers – by giving 7 days notice
  • When the Synod agenda arrives, read it carefully. If necessary, table an amendment – 7 days notice again, please
  • Do get to know other members. Together we are working for the churches and parishes of our Deanery, and their part in the wider Church
  • Join in our discussions – don’t be reluctant to speak

Things you MUST do…

  • Ensure that we are given adequate time to report to our PCCs – or they will forget the wider Church
  • Remember that we represent our PCC, but the vote we cast is our own – we are not delegates
  • Read your Deanery Synod Standing Orders, please take a lively interest in this vital link in our Church’s system of government
  • Pray regularly about our work