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“Remember, Reflect, Recover”

St Paul’s Honiton will be helping the local community to mark the National Day of Reflection on 23 March by handing out 300 ‘Remember, Reflect, Recover’ bags on Monday 22 and Tuesday 23 March.  Each bag contains a colourful luggage tag on which people are encouraged to write a memory from the past year – the tag can then be hung on the prayer lines around the war memorial garden- a tealight to light at home at 8.00 pm on the evening of 23rd as the nation continues to reflect, and a small, but delicious, heart-shaped chocolate with the suggestion that it is enjoyed with a hot drink whilst thinking about what you might need to help you recover from the past year. 

The bag also contains a prayer card, and a note from Sue, the parish priest, detailing other events that will be taking place at St Paul’s to help people Remember, Reflect and Recover.

Rev Ann…. Open the Book…

Rev Ann Stuckey has produced some Open the Book videos suitable for all abilities especially adults with special needs. To watch and join in click “Here” or on the picture below to go to her WordPress page and follow the links to ‘videos and songs”

Axe Valley Vicar in waiting….

Together @ 11

Join us to virtually “Beat the Bounds” on our Rogation Sunday Service

on SUNDAY 17th May at 11am

Zoom in to us on this link HERE at 11am on Sunday. Thank you

A Walk through the Bible

Join us to explore the main characters and themes of the Old Testament

Saturday 29th February 10am to 4pm

Christmas Together……

A Christmas Service for All……

An evening with Adrian Plass

Adrian Plass is coming to Axminster. Well worth coming to see him!

A Service suitable for everyone including those with Dementia.

Do Join us, you will be most welcome.

Ishmael’s Scripture Song Concert