Pentecost Resource

I have produced a Powerpoint presentation for Pentecost worship – ready to use.  It is based around readings, music and prayers.  All you need to do is add your hymns or songs.  I have also produced some notes to be used in the worship – these include specific prayers based around the painting by Andrei Rublev.

pentecost.pptx (original PowerPoint 2008 file)

Pentecost.ppt (Powerpoint 97-2004 file)

pentecost_notes.docx (original Word 2008 notes)

pentecost_notes.pdf (notes saved as a PDF)

Note: The font used is Calibri (Mac) and the Powerpoint is created with Powerpoint 2008.  If you want to use this presentation on a PC you may need to download Calibri font or search and replace the font for something similar – e.g. verdana, lucida sans, etc.

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